According to 2011 Census, the population of Minorities in Telagana State is about 50.05 Lakhs. The Government has always laid emphasis on progress and empowerment of Minorities. The Department of Minorities Welfare was created in the year 1993 and bifurcated as Minorities Welfare Department, Telangana State with effect from 02-06-2014 for implementing schemes for the social, educational and economic development of Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists and Parsis that constitutes about 14% of the population in Telangana.<br>
In the year 2012 Government have established the commissionerate for Minorities Welfare to implement various schemes for the minorities and to ensure proper utilization of funds being spent by the Government for the welfare of minorities, besides coordinating and supervising the activities of all implementing agencies and the same is bifurcated as Director of Minoriy Welfare, Telanga State with effect from 2nd june, 2014.
The Minorities Welfare Department is implementing programmes both under the state budget and centlly sponsored schemes. For the year 2016-2017, Government of Telangana has provided Rs.1200.0 crores for plan schems. The details of these schemes are under four Main categories:

1. Educational Development:

  • Pre and Post Matric Scholarshis, etc.,
  • Residential Schools and Hostels for Minorites.
  • Telanga State Minorities Study Circle
  • Promotion of Urdu Language.
  • Overseas Study Schemes For Minorities.

2. Economic Development:

  • Mangerial subsidy and Back Linked credit-cum-subsidy for Telangana State Minorities Finance Corporation and Telangana State Christian(Minorities) Finance Corporation.
  • Multi Sectorial Development program(MSDP) Central sponsored Schemes.
  • Training and Employment

3. Social Development

  • Shaadi Mubarak.
  • Protection of Wakf Properties, Mosques, Churches and Burial Grounds, etc.,
  • Haj Committee,
  • Christian Welfare Schemes,
  • Protection and preservation of Urdu Language.

4. Institutional Development

  • Telangana State Wakf Board.
  • Urdu Acadamy and Urdu Ghar-cum-Shadikhanas.
  • Construction of Christian Bhavan at Hyderabad.
  • Construction of Facilitation Center-cum-Rubaath at Dargah Hazrath Khaja Moinuddin Chisthi Gharib Nawaz (RA) situated at Ajmer, Rajasthan State
  • State Minorities Commission
  • State Wakf Tribunal
  • Commission of Inquiry to study Socio-Economic and Educational status of Muslims.

Scheme-wise Budget allocation are annexed

1) Centrally sponsored schemes for Minorities Welfare
i. Educational Scholarships
ii. Computerization of Wafk Records;
iii. Multi Sectoral Development Program(MSDP) for infrastructural Development and provision of Basic Amenities in Minority concertrated areas.

2) In all, as detailed above, the following is the total resources available for implementation of the plan schemes and CSS in 2016-17
State 117024.75
CSS 2975.25
TOTAL: 120000.00

Other State Schemes
1. Housing Department Minimum 15% of their action plan
2 Women Development and Child Welfare Department Minimum 15% of their action plan
3. Sarva siksha Abhiyan(School Education) Minimum 15% of their action plan
4. Rural Development (SERP, MINREGS) Minimum 15% of their action plan
5. Urban Development Minimum 15% of their action plan
6. Technical Educational (ITI,Polytechniecs)  Minimum 15% of their action plan
7. Telangana State Skill Mission Minimum 15% of their action plan

3) The agencies available in the Department for implementation of the above schemes are as follows:-
1. Commissioner, minorities Welfare
2. Vice Chairman and Managing Director, TSMFC
3. Managing Director, TSC(M)FC
4. Chief Executive Officer, Telangana State Wakf Board.
5. Director, Urdu Academy, Telangana
6. Executive Officer, Telangana State Haj committee
7. Director, C.E.Dm., Telangana
8. Survey Commissioner of Wakfs, Telangana
9. Dairatul Maarif-il-Osmania
10. Telangana State Minorities Study Circle.
11. Telangana State Minorities Residential Schools and Hostels.

4) In order to strengthen the human resources available with the implementing Agencies, the following is proposed:

  • To introduce on-line system for implementation of Educational Scholarships and subsidy programs, Shaadi Mubarak, Overseas Study Schemes for Minorities and Visit to Hoy Land Jerusalem a web based program for all the schemes is being developed through Centre for Good Governance (CGG), permanent staff for Minorities Welfare Department.
  • To introduce a Human Resouce Policy so as to strengthen the organizational structure at the field level through consultancies and out sourcing employees with professional capabilities to implement the MsDP and the Economic Development Schemes.
  • Government have introduced a Flagship scheme and sanctioned (70) Minorities Residential Schools to be started from June, 2016. This singular bold step costing the government more than Rs.2000 Crores is unparalleled in the history of the country. The yearly allocation for Telangana Minorities Residential Education Society for 2016-17 is 350 Crores.
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