Center for Education Development of Minorities

In a bid to overcome the educational and economic backwardness of Minorities, the Government of Telangana has formulated few schemes for the socio-economic and educational development of the minorities based on a socio-economic survey of the minorities conducted by Osmania University. The Minorities Welfare Department. Government of Telangana was kind enough to identify Osmania University as the nodal agency to implement projects for the development of the education of the minorities in the State. Osmania University established the Centre for Educational Development of Minorities at Nizam College in 1994.

The Centre is implementing the following two major projects sponsored by the State Government since 1994:

  1. i) An integrated project on improving the classroom performance of school children belonging to minorities.
  2. ii) A comprehensive project on improving the participation and performance of minority candidates in competitive examinations.

iii) Chamak Scheme : Free Coaching for Job-seeking courses. The main objective of the project is to raise the quality of education of minority candidates particularly the Urdu medium students at the school level and to strive for the educational empowerment of minorities especially the poor and the weak, and also to instill confidence among the minorities and to equip them to face competitive examinations.

The Centre is established to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Educational empowerment of minorities especially the poor and the weak.
  2. To instill confidence and provide a level field for poor and weak among the minorities to face competition as equal and reach their goal.
  3. To raise the quality of education of the candidates belonging to minority communities.
  4. To equip minority candidates to face admission seeking and job seeking competitive examinations through special coaching.
  5. To protect and promote the interest of students studying through Urdu medium by providing free coaching and free distribution of reading materials.
  6. To provide counseling and career guidance to minority candidates in the area of education and employment.
  7. To evaluate the programmes meant for educational development of minorities.
  8. To suggest programmes and policy packages for the educational development of minorities.

The Contact details of the Head of the Department are:

The Director, Center for Educational Development of Minorities,
Nizam College Campus, Gunfoundary, Hyderabad.
Ph: 040-23210316

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