Dairatul Ma’arifil Osmania was established in 1888 A.D. by the joint effort of Maulana Anwarullah Khan Farooqui , Mulla Abdul Qayyum, and Nawwab Imadul Mulk in the reign of Nawwab Mir Mahboob Ali Khan he VI Nizam of Hyderabad.

The work relating to acquiring, printing and preserving rare oriental classic manuscripts is done by Dairatul-Marif, Osmania University. This institute is known all over the world for publishing rare and classic manuscripts. This apart, the reference books that are required for research on manuscripts, reference books that has to be purchased from outside India.

The Dairatul Maarif prints rare oriental  classic manuscripts  in such subjects as Arts, Science and Religion. Their publications, which are of rare origin, are being appreciated at international level particularly in Europe and Arabia.

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The Contact Details for the Head of the Department are:

The Director, Dairatul-Maarif-il-Osmania,
Osmania University, Hyderabad – 500007.

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